Journals sections, main subjects/List of classification headings


1. Fuel and energetics

Fuels properties and power characteristics, non-traditional (alternative) sources of fuel and energy. Biofuels. Scientific fundamentals, applied aspects and technologies of fuel use in industry, in power generation and municipal heat supply.

Interchangeability of fuels.

Solid and liquid fuels gasification. Fuels balance and optimization of balance.

Applied combustion theory, thermodynamics of power processes; fluid dynamics, heat- and mass transfer of power processes; mathematical and physical modeling and numerical simulation of firing processes and of fuel-using plants.


2. Energy saving technologies

Energy saving technologies in power heat engineering, in municipal and domestic sectors, in transport facilities and in agriculture. Saving of energy and fuel in the steam generators and boilers, in industrial furnaces and vehicles. Improvement of power processes particularly in conditions of replacement the fuels. Modern systems of heat supply; utilization of secondary power sources, using of energy of environment.


3. Raw material processing and resource saving

Rational and energy efficient utilization of natural resources. Resource saving technologies; low-waste processes, non-waste production. Economical efficiency of innovative technologies. Non-polluting technologies and plants (zero-emission regarding harmful substances formation) in industry of raw material processing.


4. Protection of environment

State of environment (global, local, regional and in production conditions). General and specific problems of urban-industrial environment and of water basin; ecology of industrial processes.

Lowering and elimination of harmful effluents of power and process plants.

Low-emission fuel combustion. Mechanisms of harmful substances formation by fuel combustion. Reduction of carbon-containing substances and of greenhouse gases effluents by using of various types of fuel.


5. Cleaning and processing the waste

Control the waste including waste qualitative and quantitative evaluation regarding the technologies and by branches of production.

Technologies of processing the utilizable and non-utilizable waste of industrial and agricultural origin, of household garbage etc.

Recycling of wastes; render the harmless and reclamation of particular by hazard and dangerous waste.


6. Equipment and facilities

Fuel-using plants: boiler equipment, systems of central and decentralized heating including special type of the systems (like hot-water, steam, warm air and other heating appliances)

Furnace and burner facilities for boilers and ovens (kilns).

Unconventional fuel combustion systems including fluidized bed and submerged combustion plants, cogeneration units and systems.

Improvement of heat recovery systems and heat exchange equipment of boilers and ovens (furnaces, kilns).

Improvement of automatic-control and computerized regulated operation the power plants, technological control of the production process. Heat engineering instrumentation and the test equipment utilization in power engineering: the processes and facilities. Devices for metering the power consumption and for fuel flow rate determination.